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Child Victims Act Attorneys

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You can turn your embarrassment, fear, and self-blame into empowerment and justice. You don't have to walk this road alone. You don't have to be afraid anymore.

Abuse by people in power can no longer be swept under the rug thanks to the Child Victims Act.

Even if decades have passed, you can now fight against the teachers, priests, rabbis, school employees, boarding schools, coaches, trainers, scoutmasters, group homes, or doctors who violated you.

"When I decided to come forward I went to speak to Peter Bongiorno at the firm. He was recommended by another attorney. I felt protected when I first met with him and felt like I knew him for years. I was sexually abused, mentally manipulated, for a period of 28 months when I was an adolescent by an athletic director. I had not told anyone for years since I was scared and embarrassed and I felt the abuse would never end. Peter helped me find a therapist and treated me like a friend. Peter guided me through the process and I never felt alone. He genuinely cared and I was very fortunate that he came into my life when he did."

~ Brett, Queens, New York

Thousands of male and female survivors no longer need to suffer alone and live in shame

The Child Victims Act allows for people who have been sexually abused as children to bring a claim


We're going to be there next to you as you confront the people who wronged you and did this thing that affected every facet of your life.

Go from victim to survivor and hold them accountable.

Now you have the power to take control. Not your abuser.

Let us help you put the blame where it belongs, on the abuser and those who covered it up.

Prevent others from being abused by holding the responsible parties accountable so that those responsible for abusing you will feel the shame that they should.

All contacts are kept strictly confidential, you will remain anonymous and safe.

Why we do what we do

At THE BONGIORNO LAW FIRM, we are constantly afforded opportunities to help people at very tough times in their lives. Since 1987 we’ve helped thousands of people who came to us without a voice, who needed a voice, who needed someone to understand them. Victims of sex abuse are often the most vulnerable among us, young, impressionable, and easily manipulated by people in positions of power, authority, and trust.  Abuse of power and betrayal of trust, whether it’s an abuser, or someone trying to take advantage of our clients is why we do what we do. For years, people had come to us  SICKENED, looking for recourse and a salve for their deepest pains, and we were forced to tell them there was no remedy for them.

The Child Victim Act is our chance to get JUSTICE for clients that have waited for it for FAR TOO LONG.

All contacts are kept strictly confidential, you will remain anonymous and safe.

Our Three-step Process

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Count on us to map out the necessary actions to obtain the relief that you deserve

Your claim can be filed in minutes by our firm on your behalf. Ask us about the potential to make your claim anonymously during your initial interview.

During your initial interview, we will explain the Bongiorno Law Firm's strategies to increase the likelihood of a fast resolution.

"My daughter was fondled by a pastor at our church when she was 9 years old. I did not learn about this until three years later. I went to THE BONGIORNO LAW FIRM so upset and confused. I had met with four other law firms before THE BONGIORNO LAW FIRM. They all knew the law and they all seemed to have experience in child abuse cases. I selected THE BONGIORNO LAW FIRM because, from the moment I met the lawyer, I felt he cared and he was compassionate, and quite honestly, as tough as nails. I trust THE BONGIORNO LAW FIRM. They were wonderful."

~ Diane, Brooklyn, New York

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